AV Intelligence’s expertise extends across audio, visual, Wi-Fi networking, security, automation, acoustic treatment, home theatre systems and even karaoke. This means we can advise you holistically on what you need, and provide total solutions for your home, workplace and even commercial spaces. You can have complete peace of mind that everything will work together, and should something go wrong then the fix is just one phone call away.


Hi-Fidelity sound or “Hi-Fi” means ‘faithful to the original sound’. The goal is for you to be able to close your eyes and truly imagine that the music is being played live right in front of you. We have Hi-Fi solutions (loudspeakers, amplifiers and other components) starting from just a few thousand dollars up to the very best in the world. 


Whether it is in your living room or bedroom, we can bring the experience of cinema to your home – a big, vibrant picture and immersive, realistic surround sound, so you can truly lose yourself in the movie. Add Karaoke or video gaming for a complete home entertainment system, all can be completely hidden so that when you are not using them, you don’t even see them, enabling your living room to double up as your Gold Class cinema.


As you move across your home or workspace, you want the sound, and sometimes also the picture, to follow you around. It could be to host a party across your home, or simply to keep enjoying your favourite radio channel as you move from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen.


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and reached for four or more remote controls to be able to start? Smart automation solutions allow you to control your TV, projector, music systems, your lightings, curtains, your air conditioning, even your front door and security cameras all from the comfort of your chair, via your phone or tablet, a single remote control or even by voice.


Today our lives are ruled by the internet and constant connectivity with our friends and families. Hence you need a reliable and high-performing home or workplace network. Let AV Intelligence upgrade you to super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. AV Intelligences provides consulting and the products you need for the optimal Wi-Fi experience everywhere you need it.


All those hard surfaces like glass, wood and marble in your home, workplace or even an F&B outlet create echoes that make conversations and music less pleasant and more fatiguing. We are a total solution provider for sound insulation and acoustic treatments.

 Designing or building your dream home, workplace or  commercial space, let AV Intelligence help you!

Are you an Interior Designer or Architect?

We have experience working with IDs and Architects and would be glad to assist in navigating your ideas from the early stages to fruition. Our aim is to help you maintain the integrity of your design while making it sound good through seamless integration of products and integrating components as you wish.

We also do maintenance contracts so that you and your clients can enjoy amazing sound in their home, workplace or commercial space with a peace of mind.

Contact us at info@av-intelligence.sg or call us +65 6887 3789 to speak to us.