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Want to experience a live concert from your own home, or enjoy Gold Class cinematic experience from your favourite armchair? You've worked hard to be able to enjoy the finer things in life, so why accept "good enough" when your music and movie experience could be spectacular?

Whether you are a die-hard audiophile or baffled by all the choices, we talk your language.

Visit AV Intelligence for expert and trustworthy advice, from a team passionate to bring you the best solution and customer experience, in an environment as comfortable and relaxing as your own home.

What we offer

  • Premium wireless speakers for home and travel
  • Lifestyle and luxury headphones
  • Hi-Fi & High-end music systems
  • Turntable, Hi-Fi Components and accessories
  • Home Cinema, TVs & Screens
  • Smart home & automation
  • Custom install, multi-room audio systems
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Project consulting for homes, businesses and commercial.
  • Corporate events and event hosting.

We are an Official Bang & Olufsen retailer with exclusive brands