Ultrasone Introduce Limited Edition Eleven Open Headphones

ULTRASONE introduces open headphone masterpiece. The strictly limited Edition eleven impresses with its airy sound and sensational spatiality thanks to S-Logic® Plus technology.

Available for Pre-Order only. Enquire from us at (65) 6887 3789.

With Edition eleven, ULTRASONE presents audiophile-quality open hi-fi headphones made in Germany. Each of the 1,111 sets is meticulously handcrafted at the ULTRASONE production facility. The strict limitation emphasises the exclusiveness of these premium headphones. The newly developed 40mm driver with TruText bio-cellulose fibre compound membrane, in combination with patented S-Logic® Plus technology and open construction, produces a uniquely airy and spatial sound experience. Specially selected materials, maximum comfort and elegant appearance make the Edition eleven a masterpiece in every respect.

Open construction and newly developed driver

The circumaural, open construction forms the basis for the ULTRASONE Edition eleven’s brilliant airy sound. The dynamic headphones thus create an impressive sound stage, where each instrument is practically visible to the mind’s eye. The essential element for this sound experience is the centrepiece of the Edition eleven: the newly developed 40mm driver with a TruTex bio-cellulose fibre compound membrane. In addition, ULTRASONE uses neodymium-iron-boron magnets. The frequency range of 6 to 42,000 Hz is far broader than that of the human ear. This guarantees that every nuance of the music, no matter how subtle, is authentically reproduced. From classical and jazz to rock and pop, audiophile tracks from all genres of music sound exactly as the artist intended.

With S-Logic® Plus, music sounds uniquely spatial

The spatial sound achieved through the open design is further enhanced by our patented S-Logic® Plus technology. Here, the sound transducers are not positioned in the centre of the ear cups, but are offset towards the bottom and front. This means that the sound first hits the outer ear, offering outstanding spatial graduation. This gives the music an authentic and intense sound with a distinctive airy lightness. Thanks to S-Logic® Plus, a significantly lower sound pressure is required to achieve the same perceived volume. This is gentler on the ears and less tiring for them even after longer listening. ULTRASONE’s ULE (Ultra Low Emission) technology and MU metal shielding additionally minimise low-frequency fields, thus reducing magnetic radiation by up to 98% when compared to standard headphones.

Handcrafted with attention to detail

The Edition eleven headphones are handmade with meticulous care at the ULTRASONE production facility at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnberg. There, our open dynamic headphones are produced with passion by our experienced team. This attention to detail and the use of selected materials make the Edition eleven headphones very special, a fact that is underlined by the strict limitation of the edition to 1,111 pieces. The audiophile standards of Edition eleven are reflected in the solid walnut ear cups. In addition to appearance, the focus of the design is on durability: thanks to its resilient materials and robust construction, this edition will provide many years of unadulterated listening enjoyment.

Maximum comfort for fatigue-free listening

In addition to the S-Logic® Plus technology, the open construction contributes to comfort, especially during long listening sessions, while the open ear cups allow fresh air to reach the ears. The elegant solid aluminium headband provides a firm fit, while the velvety velour ear cushions sit comfortably on the ears. If desired, they can be changed in an instant. The 3-metre, 4-core premium cable with 2 connectors is also detachable.

Extensive accessories included

These headphones come with microvelour ear cushions as well as a detachable premium cable and a comprehensive range of accessories. A 3.5-to-6.3mm screw adapter is included, as is a microfibre cloth for thorough cleaning. The Edition eleven also comes with a headphone stand on which it can be perfectly showcased at home. A transport bag is included for safe storage when out and about.