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Estelon AURA

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MOON by Simaudio



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Rich-Life Like Sound & Elegant Design

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What our customers say

Alvin Feng

As an audiophile, I deeply appreciated how AV Intelligence positions itself in the high-end audio market. Being official purveyors of Moon Audio, Violectric and Ultrasone, they immediately distinguish themselves apart from the regular brands audiophiles are accustomed to in the market.

Bennett Lee

A bunch of great folks who focused on building a relationship rather than forcing a sale. And that genuity has been consistent even after sales which makes the entire shopping experience a very satisfying one!

Elizabeth Leong

Had to send my product in for repairs. The guys at AV Intelligence have been absolute gems. They are prompt with their follow-ups, keeping me updated on the status of my product. This level of customer service is hard to find nowadays.

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