AV Intelligence is all about entertainment systems. More than that, we are about the moment when you are so drawn into a listening or home-cinema experience that an uncontrollable smile forms on your face, all the noise in your life simply fades away, it’s just you and the music or the movie. When you have the right products, expertly set up, high-end AV can make you feel this. Like the roar of a Ferrari when you push the accelerator to the floor, or the first sip of a great Bordeaux, or the moment when Mount Everest finally comes into view, framed by a perfect blue sky. High-end AV can be magnificent.


So whether you are a ‘beginner’ looking to dip your toe in the water, or a self-confessed audiophile geek looking for reference grade components, our mission is simple: to enable you to enjoy superlative listening and viewing, to help you gain the highest possible return from your system and budget.


Buying experience
Buying high-end hi-fi and home cinema can be quite daunting. It’s easy to feel confused, or even bamboozled by a slick salesman talking technology. It can feel rushed and pressured. “Am I really getting value for money?” is a common, unspoken question.

And once you have the system up and running in your home, you can feel like your supplier is not interested in you anymore, unless you are ready to buy more products.

At AV Intelligence, we believe you deserve better, and we hope we can offer you a unique, vastly better approach:

First, we are a showroom not a shop. Our listening/viewing rooms feel just like your own home, and we want you to relax and take your time. Kick off your shoes, sink into a comfy chair, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee (or a coke or a beer….) and take all the time you need to get to know and enjoy the systems. We have an extensive collection of music and movies, or even better, feel free to bring your own favourites.

Second, our showroom can be visited only by appointment. This is important, because we want to ensure that you have our undivided attention, so we can give you the best possible advice based on your individual needs and situation.

Third, we aim to be successful by building long-term, very-satisfied relationships with our clients. So if 2 years later something breaks (whether or not you bought it from us), or you forget how to use your remote, or have any questions at all, we want you to know we are just a phone call away and we want to help you.


In conclusion
You may have a large budget and are looking for a trustworthy partner to build your system from the ground up, you may be looking to upgrade your least-performing component, or you may simply want advice on where to position your furniture to get the best sound. Even if you would just like a coffee and a friendly chat over some great music, AV Intelligence is at your service.

We look forward to meeting you.

The team at AV Intelligence.


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